If you need to add some enchantment to your next event, why not invite one of our wonderful fairies to celebrate with you? 

Fairy Sparkle and her fairy friends will whisk your little pixies and elves away to a magical world of make-believe, where wishes are made and dreams come true.

Fairy Bluebell, Fairy Sparkle and Fairy Violet love to spread magic and joy in the hearts of every child. Don't forget the Green Pixie too! They all live together in the Fairy Kingdom and each have special jobs which allow them to grant the wishes of little fairies and elves. Fairy Bluebell looks after all the flowers in the Fairy Kingdom, and visits the gardens of children to listen to their wishes. Fairy Sparkle creates wishing dust for all the fairies and children in her magical workshop. Fairy Violet grants the wishes of little fairies and elves, and loves to visit children and make their dreams come true! The Green Pixie Tinkers with lost things- and makes wild contraptions from them!

Pixie Poppy  is a pink and gold fairy who loves to visit little fairies and elves to share the secrets of the Fairy Kingdom. Poppy looks after all things sparkly in the Fairy Kingdom and is often to blame for ' LOST THINGS'. She flies around spreading light and warmth in the hearts of children. 

Did you know that if you follow a rainbow all the way to the end you will find yourself in the Fairy Kingdom? That is because the lovely Rainbow Kaleidoscope (or Kally to her friends) draws all the rainbows in the sky with her special magic dust. Next time you see one, make a wish and Kally will bring it back to the wishing fairies to grant!